March 24, 2023

How to Walk a Bad Dog: 3 Tips & Tricks

By Adventure Dogs
how to walk a bad dog

A lot of new dog owners are faced with learning how to walk a bad dog. And honestly, we've all been there when on a dog walk - you're out for a leisurely stroll with your dog and things are going great... until they spot something they shouldn't.

The next thing you know, your once- obedient pup is now dragging you down the street while they bark frantically at whatever caught their eye. So, how do you deal with a bad dog when walking them? Here are 3 tips & tricks on how to walk a bad dog that just might help...

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how to walk a bad dog outside

Is My Dog Being Bad or Playing

Determining if your dog is being disobedient or just trying to play when out on a walk can be tricky. Although some dogs may just need a bit of extra training and practice, others may be so stubborn that how to walk a bad dog becomes more than a little challenging.

If it seems like no matter how many treats you offer or how often you say 'no,' your pup gets into more and more trouble, it’s time to look at how they are responding to commands. When out on walks, observe how your pup interacts with other dogs and people; if they seem overly excited or fail to respond when called upon, chances are their misbehavior is not entirely intentional.

Listen for woofs and whines instead of barks, as those can indicate an attempt at playful behavior. Give a firm “no” in these cases and redirect them towards an activity that will tire them out – give them something better to focus on. That said, if nothing seems to work despite your efforts, consider seeking professional help from an animal behaviorist who can give you specialized advice for how to walk a bad dog.

how to walk a bad dog playing

How to Tell If Your Dog is Bad on Walks

If you have a dog that doesn't seem to know how to properly behave on walks, it can be a real challenge. Knowing how to spot when your pup is being less than obedient on leash can make all the difference in how you manage the situation. One key indicator of trouble is your dog pulling on their leash during each walk around the park.

If this is happening, it's likely an indication that you need to retrain them with how to conduct themselves. Additionally, make sure they're not trying to lead you around by walking ahead or constantly sniffing at the ground – these two red flags can come as impediments while strolling around. As long as you're keeping a close eye out for any behavior issues and taking time to retrain them as needed, your walks should become much easier in no time.

Why Pulling Too Much is Bad on a Dog Walk

Learning how to walk a bad dog can be a trying experience both for you and your pooch! If your pup pulls too much on the leash during walks, it isn't only uncomfortable; it's bad for their health.

Walking your dog properly starts with how you fit their collar or harness. Many people don't realize how loose or how tight they should fit the collar; this is actually very important as it affects how your pet interacts with you while walking. Also, always be ready to keep them in control using commands like “heel” as positive reinforcement when they obey.

Try to keep them focused on the walk rather than outside factors that draw away attention and sometimes lead to unnecessary pulling that’s counterproductive. Taking regular breaks allows them to rest and relax, giving you a chance to reaffirm how to walk properly together. In summary, proper leash training is key if your beloved dog is prone to pulling, so be consistent and keep taking those necessary breaks.

how to walk a bad dog pulling

Which Position Should Your Dog Be on During a Walk

Going on a walk with your dog is one of the best ways to spend time together. But how can you ensure you have a good time? One of the key elements here is where your dog should be during the walk. Ideally, you would like your pooch to stay by your side so you can remain in control throughout.

However, if your pooch finds it difficult to maintain this position, try using rewards and treats along the way. This will give incentive for him to stick close when it's a struggle as well as help him learn how to walk better on a leash. If all else fails, keep the leash short and don't forget how obedience training classes can be beneficial for how to walk a bad dog!

For more tips on which position to walk your dog in, read: The Best Way to Walk Your Dog, According to Vets

Tips on How to Walk a Bad Dog

Having a well-behaved dog is a dream come true for many pet owners, but what if you have a bad dog? Walking a bad dog can be challenging and sometimes even dangerous. If you find yourself in this situation, it's important to understand how to take the necessary precautions for safe and enjoyable walks.

First, always remain calm and remember that being aggressive with your pet will only aggravate them further. Make sure to use a leash with good control over the animal so that they cannot break away.

When considering how to walk a bad dog, be aware of other people and animals around you as well as certain situations that may spark unwanted behaviors from your canine companion.

If you know how to be prepared for these situations, you will be able to head off any potential problems. Be sure to give plenty of positive reinforcements such as treats or verbal appreciation in order to encourage good behavior when interacting with other animals or new surroundings.

how to walk a bad dog tips

Final Thoughts: How to Walk a Bad Dog

If your dog is experiencing any of these bad behaviors on walks, it might be time to either consult a professional or dive into our ultimate guide to dog walking. By figuring out the root of the problem and making some slight changes to how you walk your dog, you can make walks enjoyable for both of you.

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